News Widget


With this tool you can display a group of news on your website.

Installation Steps

  1. Place the configuration in the head
  2. Place a div with the attribute fxs_widget in it, the name of the widget news in this case, and the options you want to show.
  3. You need to place the script that calls to our JS on the bottom of the body.


Configuration options

Culture (Culture): The culture of the widget

  • ar-AE
  • zh-CN
  • id-ID
  • tr-TR
  • fr-FR
  • de-DE
  • zh-CHT
  • en-US
  • ru-RU
  • es-ES
  • en-US


Div Attributes:

		fxs_title="Place your custom title here"
		fxs_title_link="place your custom url here"
		fxs_disable_links >
  1. fxs_widget
  2. Required

  3. fxs_name="news"
  4. Required

  5. fxs_host=""
  6. Required

  7. fxs_feed="generalfeed"
  8. Required

    Possible values:

    • generalfeed


  9. fxs_take="5"
  10. Optional

    Number of news to show at once

  11. fxs_view=""
  12. Optional

    Possible values:

    • minimal
    • simple
    • complete


  13. fxs_customizable
  14. Optional

    To show options

  15. fxs_free
  16. Optional

    For free news

  17. fxs_title="Your custom title here"
  18. Optional

    Customizable widget title

  19. fxs_title_link=""
  20. Optional

    Link for the widget customizable title

  21. fxs_disable_links
  22. Optional

    For disabling news items links to FXStreet.


For Free news there's no security.

For not free News, widget security is done via white-list your domain, so please contact with your domain list to be whitelisted.