Real-Time Notifications


We use SignalR 2 to implement real-time.

You can use the official documentation to implement a custom communication.

  1. .NET Client (C#)
  2. JavaScript Client
  3. Java Client

Javascript Client


We implemented a custom js library to use in our widget, if you want, you can use it to connect to our push server.


  1. jQuery JavaScript Library v1.11.3 or newer
  2. ASP.NET SignalR JavaScript Library v2.2.0

Current fxspush.js version

The easiest way to try out fxspush.js Is include in your site

<script src=''></script>

The fxspush Instance

<script> var push = FXStreetPush.PushNotification.getInstance(); </script>


var options = { culture: 'en-US' };
var push = FXStreetPush.PushNotification.getInstance();

In order to get instructions of Methods to connect specifically to Post and Calendar follow this links: Calendar Notifications and Post Notifications

If you use our fxspush.js, the security works by domain. Please contact with to add a domain