Olsen Scale data

The purpose of this page is to return the Olsen Scale data.
You can ask for the olsen scale for a event, /event/{IdEcoCalendar}/olsen/ or for a specific eventdate /eventates/{IdEcoCalendarDate}/olsen/. The first one will return the latest events and the second one the specific for that date.

To use this call, you can use this parameters:


All parameters are optional.

olsen at glance



DateTime Date time.
IdEcoCalendarDate The Id of the event for this date.
URLChart. the url of the chart image.
URLRadar. the url of the radar image.


  • Olsen by Event in html format http://calendar.fxstreet.com/event/9cdf56fd-99e4-4026-aa99-2b6C0ca92811/olsen/?k={YOUR_CLIENT_KEY}&s={HASH}&t={TIMESTAMP}
  • Olsen by Event Date in json format http://calendar.fxstreet.com/eventdate/3c8a8ab6-7bb5-475d-93ef-550e6402e396/olsen/?f=json&k={YOUR_CLIENT_KEY}&s={HASH}&t={TIMESTAMP}