Calendar API v2


FXstreet owns macroeconomic data of the most revelant events and provides it to third parties with http requests. You can find some of this data on our economic calendar:

Economic Calendar

Api Calls

Api calls works with security based on private & public keys.

Actual / Revised notification

  • Requests /evendate/{IdEcoCalendarDate}

    Having a event date with IdEcoCalendarDate = {IdEcoCalendarDate} you can make calls to /evendate/{IdEcoCalendarDate} until you get a result.
    Is not the optimal solution but will work.

  • Http Push

    More information in Real Time Notifications section.

  • A service running on your system

    Similar than Http Push, we can provide JAVA program that can implement the Http Push solution creating text files with actual/revised values or executing the specified sql.
    This application has been developed to run on Windows, Linux and Mac.